The is a non-profit organization. Making our services with no financial interest, we are contributing to the capoeira community. Our goal is to spread the art of capoeira and the traditions of Afro-Brazilian music, as well as to promote Brazilian culture and lifestyle overall.

About Capoeira and Capoeira Mandinga Lineage

Capoeira is a thrilling Afro-Brazilian martial art form that was started over 450 years ago in response to the oppression of Africans who were brought to Brazil as slaves. Interwoven into Capoeira are elements of dance, song, and percussion, which were originally used to disguise training to fight for freedom by making it appear as a game of dance and music.

Capoeira is now officially recognized as a Brazilian Cultural Heritage and is the second most popular sport in Brazil. Its popularity is spreading rapidly in the US. Capoeira enhances our Bowling Green community’s understanding and appreciation of Brazilian history and culture. In addition, Capoeira is a remarkable means to attract and bring together people of different cultures, gender, ages, and socio-economics. Our Capoeira Mandinga Bowling Green group emphasizes respect for the traditions of capoeira and honors everyone as an individual who has the potential to help create a better society.

Today, Capoeira continues as an expressive Brazilian art form that is fun for kids, teens, and adults. It combines martial arts training, dance, gymnastics, and music including instruments, rhythms, and songs of both capoeira and Brazil. Our local Capoeira Mandinga Bowling Green group is part of and receives great support from our international Capoeira Mandinga school that is directed by Mestre Marcelo Pereira (the real Tekken3 Eddie Gordo).

Capoeira Mandinga lineage represents one of the most elite schools in the capoeira world. We incorporate into the trainings various aspects of capoeira Regional, Angola, Miudinho, Contemporânea, and our own style, capoeira Maneira, which emphasizes body expression with capoeira-related movements.

Reveal the art of self-discovery through the game and joy of learning! Emotional and physical health, balance, speed of response, endurance, flexibility, weight control, and cultural background are only the few reasons for practicing capoeira.

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